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Nighttime World Vol. 1
Robert Hood
Release Date
March 6, 1995

Compared to the minimalist lock-step of Internal Empire, Hood's second album Nighttime World is practically a soul album -- even the cover looks more like What's Going On than X-101. On the first track, "Behind This Door," he conjures a few string flourishes and a surprisingly chunky bassline to evoke the nightlife, while the title track, "Electric Nigger" and "The Color of Skin" all trade in Hood-style minimalism for a bit more focus on fleshed-out productions, including even acoustic pianos. Of course, there's still a trademark glazed-eye trance workout ("Untitled"). Unlike Internal Empire, this one functions as more than just a collection of great tracks. And it's great to see Hood's growth as a producer not posing a threat to his sound. Nighttime World is still one of the most inventive full-lengths to come out of Detroit. (Review taken from

Originally released on Cheap Records in 1995.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Behind This Door 4:20 Buy

    Behind This Door

  2. 2 Nighttime World 5:30 Buy

    Nighttime World

  3. 3 Episode No. 19 3:54 Buy

    Episode No. 19

  4. 4 The Color Of Skin 3:51 Buy

    The Color Of Skin

  5. 5 Electric Nigger Pt.1 8:06 Buy

    Electric Nigger Pt.1

  6. 6 Nighttime 4:36 Buy


  7. 7 Untitled 7:30 Buy


  8. 8 Stark Reality 5:49 Buy

    Stark Reality

Robert Hood

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